Pitahaya also known as Dragon Fruit

The pitahaya season in San Diego goes from October 1 to around mid-November. The first time I saw this fruit was October 2001 at a Vietnamese supermarket called Dai Tan in Linda Vista. I then met Todd Abel and Leo Manuel because of my first webpage on pitahaya. I have been growing this plant for a year. Leo started the PitayaFruit at Yahoo Groups January 2002. Sept. 18, 2002 David Karp's story appeared in Los Angeles Times. I got motivated to take more pictures.

Three flower buds at
the tip of the vine.

This is one plant with
lots of flower buds.

A ripe fruit still on
the plant.

Dai Tan supermarket
in Linda Vista.

A row of plants inside

Front door of Bien Hoa
Farm in Fallbrook.

Dragon Fruit cut in half
in Linda Vista.

Fruit and the vine.

Pink skin and white interior.

Jason 6 months.

Jason 18 months.

Sanyo Beer Cooler.

The pitahaya is a tropical jungle cactus vine that can grow in soil or on tree bark like the orchid. These cactus originated in central America. This plant has been cultivated in Vietnam for 100 years. To grow a commercial crop is a challenge because the cactus can get sunburn and frost damage. The plant propagates easily from stem cuttings. The flowers are huge and cross pollination is often required for the fruit.

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