This is a photo by Stephanie.
The color of this fruit is unusual and very attractive.

This is a fruit in Guatemala. The white flesh and
the red flesh can combine to make many shades of pink flesh.

A street vendor in Vietnam and a customer impressed with
this unusual fruit.

To increase the drama of eating this fruit,
make a Hitchcock face.

This is a farm in Thailand. A young tourist is touching
a fruit gingerly.

The 3 wisemen from the West was taken at 2006 Pitaya Festival. On the left is
Mr. Edgar Valdivia, the host of the Festival. In the middle is
Mr. Paul Thomson who is a pioneer of the pitahaya in California (30+ years).
Mr. Paul Thomson wrote a book on pitahaya culture for the growers in California.
On the right is Mr. Leo Manuel who runs the PITAHAYA GROUP in Yahoo.
Mr. Leo Manuel also edits the pitahaya newsletter. The pitahaya book by
Thomson is also available by mail order from Mr. Leo Manuel.

Mr. Edgar Valdivia in the Simi Valley is a member of California Rare
Fruit Growers. Mr. Valdivia is a major personality spreading the word
and organizing Pitaya Festivals in Southern California.

Mr. Paul Thomson was at the 2007 Pitaya Festival.
Mr. Ramiro Lobo is on the right side in the photo.
Ramiro has a good collection of self fruiting red
flesh and white flesh dragon fruits growning in Irvine.
Ramiro is the Small Farm Advisor at the University of California
Cooperative Extension in San Diego County. His office is in San Marcos,
California. He is willing to share his experience with this
plant. Office number is (760)752-4724.

Jason has a red and a white dragon fruit.
They are both good.

This fruit grows from a vine cactus. This photo is taken in Asia.
A plant that is properly managed can produce a large number of fruits.

George Emerich grows dragon fruit from his home at the north side of San Diego
County. This is a very productive plant growing in a jacaranda tree.
After the photo was taken, the plant became too heavy for the jacaranda
tree. Since than, the tree broke and everything fell to the ground.

This plant combination is in Epcot Center in Orlando Florida.
The dragon fruit can grow in pots anywhere the pineapple can grow.

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If you are interested in growing this plant, please read
this book for more information.

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