Not Just Another Gardening Book

A New Book for 2009

Food and health: Junk food, industrial agriculture, farm policy,
MSG, HFCS, obesity and diabetes, longevity,
food advocates, CSA, farmer's market, city farmer
Origin of Farming: Divine Farmer, Global food production,
Fertile Crescent, Plant migration, Silk Road,
Columbus discovery of the New World
Organic Gardening: Compost, mulch, organic fertilizer, earthworm,
soil microbiology, crop rotation, companion planting,
dung, cover crop, perennial vegetables, permaculture
Ecology: Biodiversity, soil building, biosphere, USDA Hardiness zones
carbon footprint, native plants, global warming,
6th extinction, ecocide, food chain and food pyramid,
population capacity of Biosphere, climate zones,
photosynthesis, nitrogen fixing, continental drift,
micro-climate, periodic table, reverence for nature,
Haber Process: make bread from air
Genetics: F1 hybrid, heirloom seeds, monoculture,
seed bank, DNA, GMO, hybrid vigor, genome
seed bank, green revolution, double helix
Unusual crops: Mushroom, seaweed, nagaimo, chayote, Asian vegetables,
tropical fruits, loquat, jujube, goji berry, bitter melon,
dragon fruit, guava, cherimoya, 5 Kingdoms, kudzu, yacon,
caterpillar fungus, bamboo pith, corn smut
Garden challenges: Intensive gardening, high yield, giant fruits, grafting,
sustainable living, food sovereignty, self-sufficient,
dwarf and compact plants, hydroponics, weed control

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