My FUN-GUY farm

A mushroom grow bag from Los Angeles Mushroom Fair Feb. 2008.

Oyster mushroom grown from cotton seed meal (March 2009).

Gary enjoying mushroon banquet organized by Robert Reid.

Students at Mesa College making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

Sam Andrasko and Gary Steiner with mushroom ice cream.

Oyster mushroom grown from rolls of bath tissue.

Sam Andrasko - mushroom collector and grower

Three flavor ice cream (corn smut, black trumpet, candy cap) with meringue

Sam at the mushroom dinner on November 9, 2010

Oyster mushroom from February 2011 workshop.
Note that this strain has long stems and gill on the stem.

San Diego Mycological Society May 2011 potluck dinner at Jean Leighton's house.

Get two delights from one pot: flower and food.
(Amaryllis contains toxic lycorine: do not eat)

Amaryllis flower and oyster mushrooms from November 2016

Amaryllis in full bloom.

Grower's information at Shroomery

Mushroom Observer

Hunting mushroom in USA

"Small Things Considered" by Elio

Mushroom cultivation by Alice Beetz and Michael Kustudia

Tradd Cotter TED talk 2010

Mushroom bonsai of Will Heath

Lion's Mane liquid culture from EVERYTHING MUSHROOMS

Hoosier Mushroom - liquid culture for shiitake and oyster mushroom

"Back to the Roots" Ventures

Cultivation link page from NAMA

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