Each of the square mark on the body of the pineapple is a
small fruit. All the small fruits fuse together to form the
cylinder, which is a compound fruit. In the fractal form,
each of the small fruit develop its own rosette of leaves.

This photo was taken by Dr. Ron Hurov who has worked
many years with commercial pineapple production.
Dr. Ron Hurov is a Botanical Explorer, P.O.Box 1596,
Chula Vista, CA 91912. Tel.(619)428-4047

Romanesco broccoli

This bonsai cactus is 3.5 inches tall. The green part is hylocersus
undatus (aka dragon fruit). The yellow top is grafted on for
decorative value. This yellow cactus has a fractal reproductive
behavior. The pot is made with LEGO blocks and has a Koch
Island fractal tile design. This LEGO pot was made by William
Chow in November 2004.

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